Starting up

I was brought up in nature, where I cycled my first bike, learned to appreciate my surroundings and respect earth’s power. Growing up in Sparta has been very fortunate, as I had to unavoidably juxtapose city life with suburban-country life, assess their pros and cons in relation to my future goals. Moving to Athens at the age of 17 came as a sudden awakening to the world of technology.

Studies | International Perspective

Initiating with Computer Science at the Department of Digital Systems (University of Piraeus), I had the opportunity to work at the IT Department as a Lab Instructor and IT Administrator of a well-responded private University in Turkey (Işık Üniversitesi) and to take part in an exchange program in Network Engineering in Spain (Universidad de Granada). An overall educational background of multicultural awareness was lacking though.
 Thus, I applied for a Master’s Degree in International Marketing (Athens University of Economics and Business) in order to augment my awareness of the global market and entrepreneurship.
 I also graduated from the Data Analyst Nanodegree at Udacity in order to thrive in what I love most - looking for clues in big data warehouses.

Professional Goals

The courses I found the most interesting among others were International Marketing Research and International B2B, where I put most of my effort, as they responded to Data Science and Business Consulting which I have chosen as my future vocational paths.

Recent Occupation

After completing my M.Sc. degree and Military service, I joined Vodafone as a Graduate Trainee. Meanwhile I attend a second master’s in Digital Media Engineering in DTU (Copenhagen) while working at Maersk and educating myself in new data science technologies. When time isn’t an obstacle, I travel on bike at as many places on earth as I can, in an effort to see the world in another point of view.


  • Maersk Oil Trading | DENMARK
    Junior Data Scientist

  • Vodafone | GREECE
    Data Analyst - Graduate Trainee

  • Military Service, Special Forces, Airborne School | GREECE
    Jump Captain’s Assistant

  • Isik University | TURKEY
    Lab Instructor & IT Administrator


  • Danmarks Tekniske Universitet
    MSc in Digital Media Engineering - Data Science

  • Athens Unversity of Economics and Business
    MSc in International Marketing

  • University of Piraeus
    Bsc in Technology and Digital Systems


Programming Languages - Python / R / Java

   Databases - SQL / MongoDB / Neo4j / Pandas

Web Programming - HTML / CSS / Javascript / D3.js / Bootstrap.js / PHP / MySQL

Big Data Tools - Apache Spark / MapReduce / Dask

Cloud Computing - Amazon EC2 / S3

Graph Networks - Data Mining / Text Mining / APIs

OS - Mac / Linux / Windows


  • TEDxSparta 2015

    Licensee and Curator.

  • Make Innovation Work 2014

    Awarded top 6% rating in ‘Make Innovation Work 2014’ (American Chamber of Commerce) competition in collaboration with three of my colleagues. The main idea was a 2-3 days cycling experience in nature.

  • Traveled almost all over Europe on bike

    In an attempt to see the most out of each country traveled, some friends of mine and I decided to some days off work and travel on bike in Europe. Since our first trip, this became an obsession. We have cycled more than 10.000km in more than 10 countries so far and our plans are to cross European borders and head East. You can find updates for past and upcoming trips on the link.

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